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Apr 10, 14
Clutterbusters!! featured in Connection Newspapers

Jan 17, 14
Clutterbusters!! on Fox 5 News with Holly Morris

Jan 12, 14
10 Quick Tips for Organizing Your Office!!--As discussed on Fox 5 News with Holly Morris!!

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OrgaNews!! Spring 2007
It's Never Too Late for Spring Organizing!

It's not too late to Spring de-clutter. It will make you feel better, less stressed, and more comfortable in your home or office! According to most experts, stress is one of the leading causes of illness, and nothing can be more stressful than living in a cluttered, disorganized home or working out of a disorganized office. This year, let's resolve to get organized, remove the clutter, and make your home or office function smoothly and efficiently!

But how does one begin? Here are some steps to help jump start the process.

Step #1: Start Small

One of the biggest mistakes is to try to take on the entire task at once. After an initial burst of energy, many people poop out, and never finish the project. Instead, do it in steps. Organize one room at a time, one section at a time. Spread it out over manageable steps, but keep to a set schedule -mark the time off in your calendar.

Step #2: Keep it Simple

The best organizing systems are simple to maintain. Don't try to design a filing system that takes more than a few minutes a day to uphold. When organizing your closet, don't get caught up in trying to organize by color, size, and season, or you'll spend a lot of time trying to keep a system that takes too much effort and will not last. If you're not sure what to do, ask a Professional Organizer, a salesperson at an organizing store, or a friend or family member.

Step #3: Be Disciplined about Maintaining Your System

Set aside at least ten minutes each day to make sure your home or office remains clutter-free. It's much easier to do ten minutes a day than try to set aside an entire hour at the end of each week. Once you get into the habit (after two weeks or so), it will come naturally and effortlessly.

Step #4: Keep the Ultimate Goal in Mind

Getting and staying organized requires some commitment on your part, but the payoff is enormous. Your stress level will be reduced, you'll feel better and more comfortable in your home, you'll feel eager to have guests over more frequently, and you may even save money as well (I've had many clients repeatedly buy the same item over and over simply because they had given up on trying to find it amidst the clutter!)

3 hours of organizing for $250
FOR OUR FL, MD, DC, VA Subscribers

What can be better than to give the gift of a CLUTTER-FREE home or office to your wife or mom? This is one gift that keeps on giving, and benefits the entire household! It will be the one gift they will remember, months, even years from now.

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Clutterbusters!! offers franchising Opportunity
We are very proud to announce that Clutterbusters!! is the first professional organizing company in the United States to offer franchises to the public. We are presently looking for a select group of individuals who want to enter this highly rewarding business.


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- Sara

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