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Do you know what the three principles of being eco-friendly/Green are?  They are seen and heard more and more every day!! 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


No matter how much or how little you do, these principles can be easily applied to organizing both in your home and the office.


Clutterbusters!! is committed to doing its part by employing these principles in our work.  We are pleased to announce our newest and neatest program:  Clutterbusters!! Green Program


Here is just a sampling of what we offer:



·         Home or Office Sort—our Experienced staff will help you to determine what to keep, donate, fix, trash or recycle.

·         Junk Mail—we will help to remove you from credit card, magazine and other lists to cut down on your junk mail piles.

·         Paperless Production—our organizers will help to set you up with online bill pay, scan your important photos and assist with offsite archiving to protect your memories.


·         Use what you have—a Clutterbusters!! professional is an expert at making the most of your current products and systems—we will show you how to get organized without spending more or getting more “stuff”

·         Help Others—old clothes, toys, books, furniture and more—these are great for donating to schools, libraries, etc.  Clutterbusters!! will help you get these items ready for re-use and also take it there for you too!

·         Sell it or give it away—our staff will help you to access the enormous amount of online services that can put your items in the right hands (Craiglist, free cycle, ebay, etc.)


·         Home Recycling--it’s not enough to just use a blue bin.  A Clutterbusters!! professional can help you to set up a recycling station to put the right items in the right place.

·         Don’t trash it—many items can be recycled whether cans, bikes, batteries or electronics—we will get you set up with your local center to recycle as much as you can.

·         Out of your house—not everyone can move an old couch.  A Clutterbusters!! organizer will work to arrange the retrieval and proper disposal of your unwanted items.


A Clutterbusters!!  Green Organizing session (6 hours, $511) includes implementation of the three principles Plus our green starter package:


Green Starter Package Includes:

·         4 CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs)

·         Exclusive Access to our Green Service database

·         20 Seventh Generation earth friendly garbage bags

·         3 Euro Sponge Cloths

·         Toilet tank bank to save on water

·         Valuable coupons for eco-friendly products


You may also purchase an additional package for $75


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Clutterbusters!!  gives back!!

Whenever you make an appointment for our Green Organizing Program (6 hour min) then Clutterbusters!!  will plant a tree in your honor to www.americanforests.org


Clutterbusters!! is



So what are some of the things we do?

·         Use paperless invoices

·         Have intranet area for clients to receive info—no more folders given out at appointment

·         95% clients pay by credit card—no need to send check or drive to bank

·         Conduct paperless payroll—direct deposit

·         Use PDA’s and not paper calendars

·         Double sided printing if we have to print

·         Online bill payment system

·         Signed up to get off junk mail lists

·         Have conference calls or webinars with organizers instead of in person meeting

·         Home based business—no commuting

·         Have email newsletter

·         Replaced all light bulbs in office

·         Use rechargeable batteries



With Clutterbusters!! Green Program, you can have peace of mind and an eco-friendly organizing experience!!!


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I am exhausted and stressed most of the time and many things in my home have been neglected. I’m glad I called Clutterbusters!! because I was so overwhelmed. I am finally seeing a “light” at the end of the tunnel.
- Sara

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