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Apr 10, 14
Clutterbusters!! featured in Connection Newspapers

Jan 17, 14
Clutterbusters!! on Fox 5 News with Holly Morris

Jan 12, 14
10 Quick Tips for Organizing Your Office!!--As discussed on Fox 5 News with Holly Morris!!

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Top 10 Critical Characteristics to Demand from Your Professional Organizer

Top 10 Critical Characteristics to Demand from Your Professional Organizer

Does Yours Stack Up?

1.      Expertise.  The key here is not just experience, but experience in projects such as yours.  There are over 29 different specializations identified by the National Association of Professional Organizers, as well as 9 types of special clients, including chronically disorganized, ADD/OCD, students, seniors, and people with disabilities.  If Clutterbusters!! does not have someone available with the type of expertise you need, we will not accept the project, period.

2.      Fee Policies.  Your Professional Organizer should fully disclose their hourly fees before beginning work, and you should understand how you are being charged.  There should be no “hidden fees” or “surprises.”

3.      Relationship.  Will you “click” with your Organizer?  Your professional organizer should speak with you beforehand and you should determine if this is someone you could work with.  Clutterbusters!! organizers speak with you before the appointment, and we make every effort to “match” each client to the appropriate organizer, but on rare occasions our clients find the fit is not as good as it should be.  If Clutterbusters!! sends the wrong organizer for your needs or style of working, we will gladly send a replacement that’s a better fit.

4.      Professionalism.  Is your organizer a member of NAPO?  The National Association of Professional Organizers is the leading industry association, and its members must abide by a Code of Ethics, and have a minimum number of hours of experience.  NAPO’s Code of Ethics requires client confidentiality, fees which are deemed reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with experience, and only make product recommendations with the client’s best interest in mind.  Clutterbusters!! is also a member of NAPO’s prestigious “Golden Circle”,  signifying 5+ years of experience.

5.      Past History.  Does your organizer have references or testimonials?  Past experience is the best guide to future performance.  At Clutterbusters!!, we carefully screen our organizers and track how their performance stacks up against our premium-level standards, and we have countless testimonials from ecstatic clients to prove it---all of whom you may contact to confirm their claims.  If a Clutterbusters!! organizer cannot perform to our premium-level standards, they will simply not continue to work for us. 

6.      Training.  Has your organizer been professionally trained?  Anybody can hang a shingle and call themselves a professional organizer.  What sets them apart is the training they’ve acquired.  At Clutterbusters!!, all of our organizers go through the Clutterbusters!! written training program, and are then sent out on preliminary assignments, where they are evaluated by our senior organizers to ensure they meet our standards.  If they qualify at every level, they receive a Messters Degree from our very own Clutterbusters!! University.  We methodically seek feedback from our clients to ensure we're exceeding their expectations.   If, and only if, they achieve high client feedback reviews and excellent evaluations from fellow organizers will they continue to work for us.

7.      Guarantee.  Does your organizer offer a satisfaction guarantee?  Most do not.  But at Clutterbusters!! we are not looking for merely “satisfied” clients.  We offer a guarantee that you will be “stunned and amazed” with our overall service.  If not, we will send another organizer, with no charge for the time you spent with the first one.

8.      Security.  Is your organizer insured and bonded? Accidents do happen.  Without insurance and bonding, you may be left holding the bill or trying to recover from the organizer directly.  At Clutterbusters!! we are insured and bonded so you don’t have to worry.

9.      Integrity.  Do you want to allow someone into your home going through your most personal, private, and valuable possessions who may not be 100% honest?  At Clutterbusters!!, we conduct interviews and criminal background checks for all of our organizers to ensure you are protected.

10.   Standards.  As the only professional organizing firm to franchise, we must hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence and performance.  We require competence, training, experience, integrity, respect, discretion, and non-judgmental qualities for all of our organizers.  Most of all, we demand excellence and complete client satisfaction, at no risk to you. 

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