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Apr 10, 14
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Jan 12, 14
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OrgaNews!! Summer 2010

Subject: Clutterbusters!! School Year Solutions




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Right now, your house is probably still in vacation-summer-camp-sleeping-in mode. But back-to-school time is coming up fast:  To ease the transition between lolling and learning, here is a two-week countdown. 
2 weeks before school starts: 

  • With so many activities and meetings lumped in at the start of the year, make sure that you have a family calendar.  This can be a planner that you carry with you, an online calendar (we use Cozi.com) that you can add to from work or home or even a big wall calendar.
  • Whether your child wears a uniform or t-shirt to school, make sure that their clothes fit.  Go through their dressers and closets to make sure that they have all that they need to look sharp on the first day.
  • If they are available, get a list of supplies that your child will need for school. Some stores even have lists on hand for different schools.
  • Create a system for handling class papers.  Class assignments do not belong with finger paint collages.  Implement a system, whether with binders, files or containers, to keep these items organized and separated. 
  • Make sure your child care arrangements are confirmed. Firm up details on carpooling and pickup plans.

1 week before school starts:

  • Craft your morning, after school and evening routines.
  • If your kids bring their lunch from home, set up a lunch-packing station in the kitchen. Stock the area with all the supplies that you will need such as storage bags, plastic containers and napkins to write notes on.
  • Set up an "education station" - the place where your kids will do homework.  This area should include easily accessible supplies like pens, paper, highlighters and reference materials. 
  • Plan out your breakfast and dinner menus for the next couple of weeks and buy groceries.  The first week of school is stressful, and this menu planning can help make things easier.
  • Do some dry runs. Take a test drive to the kids' new school, or a test walk to the bus stop.  Practice the bedtime and wake-up routine.  This helps kids to acclimate better to change and helps you to get your timing down.


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